Overcome any Addiction!

Power to win - the book & the journal

This book is more than just a collection of advice and experiences. I started taking drugs very early in life and after 10 years of deep addiction and an anti-social lifestyle I was able to break free from certain death. Over the next thirty years, I've made my life’s mission to help others find significance and begin a new kind of life 100% addiction free. I wrote it as way to help addicts and their families to overcome a period of misery and start a fresh journey into a promising future. - Tony Silveira

Do you need a personal breakthrough? Just think about it! You'll never have to suffer again from the pain and hassle of living a life addicted to alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, or wondering if you're doing what it takes to break free from that hook. You now have the opportunity to follow a method that will show you how to transform your life with a complete rebirth. You simply do what I am about to share in this book... and soon you will be addiction free FOREVER!