21 Days to Break a bad habit

A Strategy of 21 days to break a habit was inspired in a season of victorious fast by a famous Jewish scholar and prophet, in Babylon, named Daniel that committed to an unpleasant diet as he prayed and did inner searching to solve a complicated situation. Of course, there is a lot of variation, both among people and among habits – some people are more habit-resistant than others, and some habits are harder to pick up than others. If you want to try to break some bad habits in 3 weeks please use my little booklet “21 Days to break a bad habit”. I’ve had my doubts about the validity that number but you can add consecutive cycles of 21 days until you break free from your struggles. I usually recommend 3 cycles of 21 days to cut with an addiction and start a new life cycle. You should do this using the Power to Win principles contained in this book and get some professional help to do it.


This book is a unique navigation tool designed to track your personal progress in recovery on a 21 day journey to break a habit.

This system allows you to track mood variations, to create better balance, and to set your personal short term goals,.

At the end of the 21 days you will celebrate significant milestones. This is a daily journal that will allow you to stay engaged and motivated.

21 Days of fasting is inspired in the story of a man named Daniel. It is a method of fasting that people all over the world are using as they enter into a spiritual discipline.

You will learn how to develop your own rehab plan to deal with alcohol, drugs or any other bad habits and addictions, to make sure they do not hinder you from achieving your goals.

How to use "21 Days to Break a bad habit" - EXAMPLE

These are some images of what your journal will look like.

The journal was built with a center spiral so you can place it flat on a table and take your own notes.

This booklet is a personal record but you may agree to share it with 1 person that you assigned as your "Life Coach".

Write your dreams and goals here. Limit your #1 Goal. Take note of your dreams both the achievable and the "impossible".

After you do this you may comment and set due dates if you can. These are your deepest desires to meditate upon a 21 day journey.


Here you take note of your FOOD DIET and detox plan. I recommend either a VEGAN regime or a KETO diet. If you have health issues you should consult with your doctor or dietitian before you start.

You need to develop healthy habits and you need to start here. Take your food diet as seriously as your substance or bad habit total abstinence plan.

Take note of things that you will not consume, people and places that you will avoid completely and bad habits to break during your 21 day journey.

At the end of the book you may want to check mark what you achieved in red ink.


Start by using a red pen and circle week 1.

Write your main goals with a blue pen for this week and list 10 simple practical Life Projects.

These are goals connected to your plan set on the previous pages.

You may want to read chapter 4 of my book "Power to Win - overcome any addiction" in order to get insight on short term goals and Life Projects.

When the week is over use a red pen to take notes of progress and challenges. Be accountable to your coach so you will plan your week 2 even better,


This is your daily journal. Take notes with a blue pen in the morning and a red pen at night. Check mark the day of the week *(Monday to Sunday) and write down your weight or a chapter of a book you are reading.

Take note of your mood and set a major goal for your day. Focus in things that you want to achieve and that you have been procrastinating.

Then list at least 3 tasks and multiple goals for the day. Set a Family goal (If you don't have a family a friendship goal will be your main objective)

At the end of the day Journal your victories, achievements and also your challenges.


Remember to go to the Dreams and Goals pages at the beginning of the journal and check mark your achievements.

Then fill out the Final Tally.

Write down a general objective that you achieved (or failed to achieve).

Then list the things that had a cycle that was broken in 21 days.

In his book, “The Power of Habit,” Charles Duhigg dedicated a lot of space to the concept of a habit loop. Consider if you did it or if you should start a new 21 Cycle.

If you survived for 21 days with no addiction to a particular bad habit, you can do it forever!


If you have an opioid addiction, alcoholism or crack cocaine addiction you may need to do this for a month or even 1 year. I personally did it for a full year and of course continued to abstain from drugs for the remaining of my life. Consult your Life Coach in order to continue your journey of an addiction free life!

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