This book is more than just a collection of advice and experiences. I started taking drugs very early in life and after 10 years of deep addiction and an anti-social lifestyle I was able to break free from certain death. Over the next thirty years, I've made my life’s mission to help others find significance and begin a new kind of life 100% addiction free. I wrote it as way to help addicts and their families to overcome a period of misery and start a fresh journey into a promising future.

The fight isn't over until you win, never give up!

Tony Silveira Power to Win - overcome any addiction

The fight isn't over until you win, never give up!

Tony Silveira Power to Win - overcome any addiction

Do you need a personal breakthrough?

Just think about it! You'll never have to suffer again from the pain and hassle of living a life addicted to alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, or wondering if you're doing what it takes to break free from that hook.

You now have the opportunity to follow a method that will show you how to transform your life with a complete rebirth. You simply do what I am about to share in this book... and soon you will be addiction free FOREVER!

There is never a better time to begin a new life than right now. You will learn how to change your habitat and simple and easy to understand steps to modify your behavior.

Power to Win book launch in 2019

Having lived a life where he suffered from addiction and has now been completely recovered for more than 30 years Tony Silveira publishes this exciting self-help book that will empower you to set free from any addiction



Tony Silveira Power to Win - 21 Days to break a bad habit

Hands on! Put the principles into practice.

This book is a unique navigation tool designed to track your personal progress on a 21-day journey to break a habit.

This system allows you to track daily variations, create better balance, and set your personal short-term goals.

At the end of the 21 days, you will celebrate significant milestones! This is a daily journal that will allow you to stay engaged and motivated.

21 Days is inspired by the story of a man named Daniel. It is a method of fasting (abstinence) that people all over the world use as they enter into a spiritual discipline.

Put the method to the test with Tony's new journal

You will learn how to develop your own reset plan to deal with alcohol, drugs or any other bad habits or addictions that may be hindering you in achieving your life projects. You will also find AM and PM check-ins that will enable you to keep track of your progress!


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