If you want to break with that habit, either you are consuming drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, pills or any other addictive substance, or if you have another addictive behavior like gambling or pornography. Then you need a radical change and you are desperate for a new beginning then this is for you and I want to challenge you to determine that you will take time every day to read it and answer a few questions.

The 5 core things that need to happen

1. Give up
2. Follow the Leader
3. Start from scratch
4. Create short-term goals
5. Reinvent yourself

My simple life change program is only for those who are ready to give up and who are tired from a life of addiction. So let's learn how to give steps in the right direction, just turn the page and get ready to take action!

Your first step is an inner decision to GIVE UP! Yes, I am yelling this sentence!
Please don't even attempt suicide because you may be more effective than I was and you will miss the great opportunities you have ahead.

I have been teaching thousands of people in the last 30 years. Just say it out loud,
"I give up of this lifestyle! I have a new life and I will use it for good and not for evil!"


As a consequence of your decision, your life will be changed for better. Your family and loved ones will be blessed and they will trust in you again. You will live your life with a sense of mission and many people will be changed and impacted by your decision. You will leave a legacy of victory behind when it's time to leave this life.

Right now you need to view your addiction as your enemy! Everybody gets an enemy. You will only be known in life by the enemy who conquers you or the enemy you conquer.

If you are being conquered by addiction, people know you as an addict, the gambler, the drunk or the sex addict. But when you overcome your addiction people respect you and see you as an overcomer and an example to follow. You can defeat your enemy!

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