There are many methods and systems to address the issue of addiction, there is One that can save, deliver, heal and set you free from addiction. Sometimes we mistakenly rely on our own strength rather than realizing we have access to a power greater than our own. Tony makes the complex simple. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to be set free from addiction. Tony Silveira has a testimony of helping people for the last 30 years. Life-changing truth is at your fingertips in this incredible new book.

Johnny M. Hunt author of more than a dozen Christian books and the senior pastor of First Baptist Church Woodstock, in Woodstock, Georgia.

"When I heard that Tony Silveira was inspired to write a book on this issue of deliverance, I was not surprised. Not only has he studied this subject at length, he has been a victim of addiction from which he has experienced a powerful transformation! Today, his heart is set on helping others to break free from their addictions as well. Tony's skills and personal experience will bring others to freedom and deliverance. He is highly qualified by his experiences to give you chapter after chapter tools that will help you reach personal freedom and victory! Start building your dreams with Power to Win!”

Alberto Carbone Senior Pastor at MCI, Montreal, One of Canada's largest Churches; Author of over 20 books

You will not only enjoy reading “Power to Win” but you will find it beneficial in helping you move forward into total freedom. As someone who struggled with drugs and addiction earlier in life I know from experience how terrible addictions are for all involved... Whether you’re struggling with the constant battle of letting go of addiction yourself or you’re close to and love someone dealing with this struggle and want to see them live life free from the bondage and habitual reliance on drugs this book is a must have for you. Tony has written a wonderful self-help book to practically aid those suffering with addiction to get free and stay free. Every chapter of “Power to Win” gives a practical simple to follow method of walking and living free. Through his own personal experience Tony shows us how to let go of the old way and introduces us to “the winning way” of living life free... This book is a key in unlocking what’s already on the inside of you and me... The “Power to Win”

Dr Russ Moyer Eagle Worldwide - The Centre for Excellence, Hamilton, Ontario

Tony Silveira gives to people both a practical and a spiritual solution to life’s greatest problems. The book is filled with practical steps to find deliverance and win in life. Tony outlines the process that guarantees full success. It is a “must read”

Mel C. Mullen Christian author and Founder - Home Church, Red Deer, Alberta

Tony Silveira is using his experience to help people overcome something that binds millions of people, drug and alcohol addiction! Although many others wrote methods and there is plenty of material available, when you see someone that has such experience and has overcome these issues, you can rely on it! My suggestion is to read carefully. My belief is you will be transformed into a new person!

David Soares Lawyer and Federal Deputy (Congressman), Sao Paulo, Brazil

Tony has given addicts clear, simple, proven steps towards life transformation! His authentic, transparent story will inspire and renew hope for freedom!

Dr. Gordon A. Johnston founder and director of Side by Side Counselling Resources, Montreal, Quebec

Power to Win is not just a suggestion or an ideal. As Tony Silveira will show you, this is a lifestyle that he has transferred to hundreds. As you read this amazing book you will be gripped with the fact that surrender to addiction, its residual effects, and defeatism are things you never need to accept or live with. God can give you Power to Win. Even if you are a Christian you need to have a change in your mindset and you need to be free once and for all from the past. This book will bring it all home to you.

Ronald Morin Ph.D author and president of GCC, Toronto, Ontario

Tony Silveira takes us on his personal journey out of the world of addiction and into freedom! These simple concepts when applied will help to break the bondage of addiction off of your life! Having the privilege of working closely with Tony, I can honestly say that he is passionate about coming along side hurting and broken people to coach and mentor them seeing them resourced, rebuilt and restored. Expect to be inspired, challenged, and provoked to change, so you too can walk out your freedom partnering with God to experience a brand new life!

Ben Johnston WeR1 Ministry Director, Montreal, Quebec

I have personally witnessed Tony's life example of victory over addiction - and most importantly, a passionate abiding relationship with God who ultimately brings about that liberating work. "Power to Win" meets you graciously at the starting point of an addict's life; practical steps to guide you from where you are right now to a good place! I like it simple… "Power To Win" will help simplify your walk to freedom!

Victor Barreira Pastor and Worship Leader - Carisma Church, Hamilton Ontario

I am very pleased to endorse Power to Win written by Tony Silveira. It includes easy to follow steps to get rid of addictions. The book gives hope for individuals and families who have had their lives destroyed because of their addictions to drugs and alcohol. I am an addictions counselor in the field for over thirty years and I recommend this book.

Mavis Etienne ICADC, Kenehssatake, Mohawk Territory

“I have known Tony since is youth when he was dealing with addiction to hard drugs and I can testify the changes and transformation he went through. Tony knows better than anyone else how a dependency on drugs can damage and destroy all areas of a person’s life. Based on his own experience he has been passionately helping people to become free from addictions and restore their lives during the last 30 years. Power To Win is indeed a great practical resource and simple method for anyone who is dealing with addictions and wants to break free from that lifestyle. I strongly recommend the reading and implementation of the self-help methods described by Power To Win.”

Pedro Pires Lead Pastor, Connect Church, Edmonton Alberta

A unique thing about this book is the personal experience of Tony Silveira overcoming drug addiction. He opens his heart, sharing the secrets that took him from failure to a lifetime of victory! Written in a fresh and inspiring way, he brings revelation of a personal, radical metamorphosis that is possible if you believe in yourself. Power to Win is a fantastic book that will usher you into a successful life as you give up on the past and embrace your destiny! You will learn how to give up and grow up! Tony provokes us to tap into our inner strength and move ahead with the Power to Win!

Luis Seabra Melancia Motivational Speaker and Businessman, Lisbon, Portugal

I am so impressed with the life that exudes from this book “Power To Win”, written by my good friend Tony Silveira! It is packed with practical applications from a man that actually won the war against destructive addictions! As you turn the pages of "Power To Win", you’ll notice your thoughts recalibrating towards positive productivity. Tony's masterful story telling translates well as he paints a picture of a better life that can be yours too! It’s my sincere pleasure to recommend this valuable resource. When you finish reading "Power To Win", you will have inhaled copious amounts of invaluable wisdom!

Barry Maracle Author and International Speaker, Tyendinaga, Mohawk Territory

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