Your Short Time Goals

We should all dream big, but if we are not able to place deadlines on our dreams we will not be able to establish attainable goals. Most addicts have dreams, but they can never place a deadline on them, other than "one day I will do this." “One day” is not a deadline. Imagine telling your credit card company you will pay them "one day."
So, start your dream list in a spreadsheet with a column called, "Due Date."

David Allen, author of "Getting Things Done," says there are "hard" deadlines (the ones you have external commitments to) and those should be tracked on a “Projects list,” and any pre-warnings for it should be inserted on appropriate dates in your calendar. Don't you think that if this is a proven method for business, it should work for your personal life?

Goals are simply a description of what you want for yourself in the future, say about three to five years out if they are long term or one to six months if they are short term. The best way to define the goals is to give examples: graduate college, get a good job, find a life partner, get rich quick, etc.

A goal is not a plan; it's more like a wish list with (hopefully), a basis in reality. It is like a bucket list for a desperate time. You can write down some long-term goals and then establish intermediate short-term goals that will help you to get where you want to be.

Short-term goals have to be written as tasks in a to-do list. These tasks can be grouped in “life-projects” like this:

Life Project: Personal Health and Emotional balance
Life Project: Family goals
Life Project: Professional objectives

• Personal Health and Emotional Balance
o Task: stop drinking / due date: today

o Task: enroll in a Gym / due date: Friday
o Task: restart yoga classes / due date:
o Task: go to Church with my family / due date: Sunday

• Family Goals
o Task: Invite my wife for dinner / due date
o Task: spend weekend with children / due date
o Task: fix kitchen sink / due date
o etc.

This is, of course, a simple example. The list should have at least 10 items in every life project and all must be crossed off within a maximum time frame of two weeks. You should meet regularly with your supervisor to keep you on track as your new life journey begins.


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