Tony defines himself as an Accidental Missionary, entrepreneur and Life Coach. In this incredibly practical self-help book, Tony points some easy to apply principles to help addicts and their families to break free from bad habits.
Here he provides not only another recovery plan but a clear path to live a meaningful life. This is a guide to all kinds of addiction from someone who has struggled with heroin, pot, pills, alcohol, sex, and other dependencies.
Tony is a coach that helped hundreds of people around the world finding a purpose and a new life. After 30 years of successful sober life he wrote this easy to read manual sharing easy to follow instructions to start fresh and leave addiction behind.


Power to Win book launch 2019

Having lived a life where he suffered from addiction and has now been completely recovered for more than 30 years Tony Silveira publishes this exciting self-help book that will empower you to set free from any addiction

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